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Kitchen Display Systems
Our innovative  Kitchen Display Systems will change the way your kitchen performs by enhancing smarter communication between the POS system and the Kitchen staff instantly thus eliminating the loss of paper tickets, order sequence, and delays so the kitchen staff can be more focused on speed of service and product consistency.
Kitchen Display Systems for Quick Service and Table Service
As every restaurant has a unique layout, our kitchen display systems are designed for both Quick and Table service needs. You can measure its benefits in any size of establishment. Kitchen display systems will be the right solution for you if you are looking to lower your average ticket times, improve efficiencies, and increase guest satisfaction.
Benefits of using a Kitchen Display Systems
  • Meal Coursing is one of the important features in Table Service. It allows you to send a group of orders (Entrees, desserts, and drinks ) all at once. You can set up a Rule book as to when the items should be displayed in the Kitchen Display systems so it can be delivered accordingly.
  • Delayed Routing is another feature where you can make sure all the orders are ready at the same time for the guest.
  • Cooking times can be managed so you can ensure food is always fresh and has the right temperature.
  • You can route food to the correct kitchen stations example Fries, Grill, Karahi, Expo so the food movement is in the proper direction.
  • It can balance the load in larger kitchens and dual kitchens.
  • Replaces paper tickets and Kitchen printers.
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