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Heartland Restaurant POS System

Retail and restuarant foundations need a POS framework that can acknowledge installments anyplace, oversee finance, draw in with clients, oversee stock, offer gift vouchers, and that’s just the beginning.

Regardless of whether you own a food truck or a fast help eatery, this cloud-based retail location programming can offer your visitors precise requests. By utilizing equipment like booth requesting or online requests, clients can avoid the line and get their food quicker.


Their focus is on crafting superior customer experiences in high-touch venues with little room for error. The system is exclusively built for a fast-paced environment with unique operating needs.

Key Features

  • Customizable reporting for examining consumer data and gaining deeper insight.

  • Adaptable menu management with on-the-fly functionality.

  • Mobile payment system that empowers the consumer.

  • A loyalty program that includes customer profiles with personalized promotions.

  • Live 24/7 (365 days) phone and email customer service to support the busiest of times.

  • Offline capability is uninterrupted by network outages.

Online Ordering

Integrated to take your business wherever your customers are.
● Give customers the ability to view your menu and place orders online, helping your
restaurant to generate additional revenue.
● Part of the Restaurant platform at no additional charge, your business can implement
online ordering seamlessly, with no third parties, software “patches” or extra costs are

Self-Order Kiosk

Speeds up ordering, upsells customers and frees up staff.
● Use kiosks to speed up ordering to reduce lines and waiting times.
● Help your restaurant generate more sales by providing upsell opportunities.
● Implementing self-order kiosks reduces overhead and frees up employees, allowing you
to reallocate that labor to other areas.


There’s no longer a need for staff to hold a customer’s credit card. It’s an outdated practice that runs the risk of theft and fraud. HEARTLAND Tab empowers the customer to track their own tab throughout the evening with a mobile device.

A tab is opened as usual when using a card. The HEARTLAND app can then be downloaded from the App Store to display a live tab on their phone. Customers can tip and close out the check all within the program

Gift & Loyalty

Grow sales by getting guests in the door and turning them into
loyal customers.
● Bring customers to your restaurant and keep them coming back.
● Allow customers to see and redeem the loyalty points they’ve earned on meals in real
● Enable customers to see their gift card balances and purchase history.
● Enable merchants to see customer purchase history and then craft targeted promotions
to the right patrons.

Guest Application

Extends your business and enhances the customer experience.
● When guests are close to your restaurant, automatically send reminders to them about
your business and ongoing offers.
● Help your restaurant provide quicker service by allowing customers to skip the line
when both ordering and paying.
● Turn tables faster by enabling customers to pay when they want with scan to pay on
their mobile device.

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